Video Production Services

Podcast Content

Nothing conveys professionalism, authority, and knowledge like a podcast. Why? Because it isn't forced or scripted. It's a natural conversation. Our job at Harper Belmont Media is to help you turn that natural conversation into a sales asset that attracts quality customers on autopilot.

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Brand Story Content

A great story is sets you apart from your competition and showcases your strengths in a persuasive way. We will ensure your story is not just captured, but curated to drive an emotional impact in the hearts of your target market.

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Video Sales Letters

In a video sales letter, the last thing you want is overly complicated video edits and clips that distract from what really makes the impact: the message.

Our video team will use complementary visuals and editing that amplifies your message, not waters it down.

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Testimonial Videos

In a world crowded with hype and lies, proof stands out like a sore thumb. Problem is, if proof isn't showcased properly -- it reduces the impact.

Our video testimonial packages will allow you to show your market you are the real deal -- without resorting to hype and grandiose promises.

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Recruitment Videos

Finding the right talent isn't easy. But what makes it easier is the ability to effectively communicate what you're looking for.

Our recruitment video packages allow you to save yourself the trouble from sifting through unualified applicants and attract the right

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